How LinkedIn Groups Became Ruined and Useless

LinkedIn Groups RuinedThere was a time when LinkedIn Groups were really useful. Full of engaging posts and discussion threads around topics that group members were passionate and knowledgeable about.  But all that has changed.

In my opinion, LinkedIn Groups (and indeed, LinkedIn itself) are being ruined by indiscriminate spam along with shallow, off-topic, crappy content.

Here’s my take.

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The Blueprint for Optimal Blog Design

Blog Design Blueprint

At Juice Marketing, we think a business blog is one of your most important Inbound Marketing tools.  But effective blogging is about more than just creating great content.

You also need to consider the structure and design if you want to drive more traffic, keep visitors on your site longer, and convert some of those visitors into real business opportunities (leads!).

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Website vs Subdomain – Where Should I Put My Blog?

SEO Image

This is a question I’m hearing more often now that many of our clients are adopting an Inbound Marketing strategy and redesigning their websites with a business blog at the centerpiece of their marketing.

I’m going to cut to the chase and state it now, and then you can read the rest of the article if you’re interested in learning why.

The Best Option for SEO is to Put the Business Blog in a Subfolder (on Your Website) Instead of a Subdomain.

This is true in almost all cases when it comes to the clients and industry we work with (small companies that are ERP and business software resellers). Here’s why.

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6 Steps to Better Blog Posts

Better Blog Posts Tips

Ok the secret is out. Content marketing drives traffic to your website and generates leads for your business.

So your marketing guy says you need to start blogging.  But several months have passed and you’ve spent hours writing articles … but traffic isn’t up, your SEO hasn’t improved, and you feel like nobody is even reading your blog.

So here are a few simple tips to creating better blog posts that just might turn things around.

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Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Story Sign

So you’ve got a great success story … maybe even a few of them.  Now what?

Too often, we see fantastic success stories and glowing customer testimonials get shoved to the back of a corporate kit or buried among thousands of files on a network.  Success stories can be fabulous marketing tools if used properly.

Our clients often ask “how do you recommend we use it?” shortly after we’ve finished writing a new customer success story for them.

So we thought we’d share a few tips for putting those stories to work.

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5 Reasons Great Content Attracts Leads

Content Marketing

Marketing today is all about content. Whether you’re updating the company website, sending a newsletter, nurturing leads, or using social media, you need great content.

Insightful articles and engaging content creates a dialogue that engages your audience, educates your prospective buyers, and keeps them coming back for more.

Here are 5 reasons that content marketing will attract technology buyers to your company and convert website visitors into leads.

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Marketing Cartoons: Content Marketing Mistakes

Looking for some comic relief? Created by “marketoonist” Tom Fishburne, these cartoons are a humorous look at some common mistakes when it comes to content marketing. Just click on any of the images to see an expanded/larger version.


1. Where’s Waldo Marketing

Stop throwing time and money at old and ineffective marketing tactics.  You’ll just get lost in the sea of every other company that’s doing the same thing (Buy My Product!).  Learn what speaks to your audience and deliver the content they need to understand how you can solve their problems.

Not Being Agile

Not Being Agile

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Sage Partner Marketing – A Few Recent Projects (March 2013)

For the past few months, the team at Juice Marketing has been hard at work creating newsletters, press releases, success stories, newsletter content, and redesigning websites to help ERP and technology partners “squeeze the most out of their marketing dollar.” Take a look at some of the exciting projects that we’ve been working on lately …
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Content Marketing: How to Get Info To Prospects At the Right Time

As a technology provider, delivering educational content throughout a long sales cycle is one of most important things you can do to convert prospects into customers.  The process is called content marketing – the art of communicating with your customers and prospects and delivering valuable information without selling.

Instead, you educate.  And here’s why …

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