How to Turn Off New Post Notifications on LinkedIn

Turning Off LinkedIn Post Notifications

It started a while back when LinkedIn opened up their publishing platform (now called “Pulse”) to a limited range of people that they considered a “LinkedIn Influencer.” It was a way for widely-known business or industry leaders (think Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, or Deepak Chopra) to share unique insight and wisdom in the form of article posts on LinkedIn.

And then it happened … LinkedIn opened up the Pulse publishing platform to EVERYBODY.

That was a big mistake – here’s why.

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How LinkedIn Groups Became Ruined and Useless

LinkedIn Groups RuinedThere was a time when LinkedIn Groups were really useful. Full of engaging posts and discussion threads around topics that group members were passionate and knowledgeable about.  But all that has changed.

In my opinion, LinkedIn Groups (and indeed, LinkedIn itself) are being ruined by indiscriminate spam along with shallow, off-topic, crappy content.

Here’s my take.

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Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Work for You

How to Use a Company Page on LinkedInYour LinkedIn Company Page can add tremendous value to your social media marketing efforts. There are so many ERP VARs that have personal profiles on LinkedIn, but many aren’t utilizing the company-level tools and features that LinkedIn has to offer.

In a previous post we shared some basics of creating and using a LinkedIn company page. So here are 4 more ways you can put that new Company page to work for you.

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What the #Tweet is Going On?

4 Reasons That Nobody Follows You on Twitter

Part of the challenge in making Twitter work for you is building enough of a following so that the time you spend tweeting and sharing is worthwhile.  People often look at your Twitter profile for just a few seconds to determine whether they want to follow you or not. So make sure and avoid these 4 things that can turn people off.

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How ERP VARs Can Improve SEO with a Google+ Local Listing

You’re Already Halfway There!

As Google+ gains more traction every day, small businesses are starting to realize the importance of the search-dominant juggernaut’s new-ish social network. There is no doubt that Google is increasingly blending social activity and posts directly into “regular” Google Search Results  – which bolsters the case for making sure your business has a presence on Google+ (that is, if search and SEO are important to you).

At Juice Marketing, we’ve noticed a trend among ERP VARs that had an old Google Places listing but have yet to claim their free Google+ Local Page.

In some cases, data and information from your old Google Places listing was automatically migrated to Google+. But until you claim and verify the new Google+ Local Page, you’re missing out on extra SEO juice.

Here’s how to convert your old Google Places listing and start taking advantage of the significantly-improved local search results that a Google+ Local Listing can offer.

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How to Use Hashtags on Social Media

It appears that Facebook has Twitter #envy.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it is incorporating use of Hashtags into its social media platform. Originally popularized on Twitter, the hashtag has been adopted and utilized by other social networks such as Google+ and Instagram.  So on the heels of Facebook’s announcement, let’s take a look at some hashtag basics and how to use them on social media.

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Why Share Other People’s Content on Social Media?

Why Share Other People’s Content on Social Media?I see it often. A Sage or Microsoft partner starts using social media and right away they’re promoting their products, their company, and their events.

It’s not long before their Twitter stream or LinkedIn updates become repetitive and predictable … promo, promo, promo, me, me, me … it’s all about me!

But in my opinion, that’s the wrong approach.

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