Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Story Sign

So you’ve got a great success story … maybe even a few of them.  Now what?

Too often, we see fantastic success stories and glowing customer testimonials get shoved to the back of a corporate kit or buried among thousands of files on a network.  Success stories can be fabulous marketing tools if used properly.

Our clients often ask “how do you recommend we use it?” shortly after we’ve finished writing a new customer success story for them.

So we thought we’d share a few tips for putting those stories to work.

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How to Exclude Your Own Visits in Google Analytics Reports

As many of you already know, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides your business with valuable insight regarding website performance. Google Analytics tracks everything from where visitors are coming from and how long they stay on your website, to which pages they visited and for how long.

However, by default Google tracks information on every visitor to your website – including you and your employees.  So in order to get the most accurate representation of your website’s performance and avoid “skewing” the data with your own internal visits/traffic, we recommend that you set up filters to exclude any internal visitors. Here’s how it works.

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What the #Tweet is Going On?

4 Reasons That Nobody Follows You on Twitter

Part of the challenge in making Twitter work for you is building enough of a following so that the time you spend tweeting and sharing is worthwhile.  People often look at your Twitter profile for just a few seconds to determine whether they want to follow you or not. So make sure and avoid these 4 things that can turn people off.

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How to Feature Your ERP Projects on LinkedIn

As you probably know, LinkedIn is a great place to make connections and potentially discover new business opportunities. But you may not be as familiar with some of the fantastic tools on LinkedIn that allow you to put your professional experience on display for the world – and more specifically, potential new customers – to see.

Just this past year, LinkedIn quietly rolled out a new ‘Projects‘ feature – a little known and underutilized tool that allows you to highlight work or projects you’ve completed as a consultant, or as part of team. This new feature is a fantastic way for ERP Resellers to emphasize successful implementation projects and show the world what you’re capable of doing. Here’s how to get started with LinkedIn Projects.

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Google Search Tip – Finding PDF Documents in Search Results

PDF Google SearchHere’s a Google search tip that I think you’ll find handy.  In order to limit the search results to show just PDF documents, you can use the following Google search modifier:


I use this search modifier most often when I’m looking for information that I think is probably in PDF format.  As an example, I often get email messages from Hubspot offering some sort of White paper that catches my eye.  But they often want me to fill out a lead capture form (which I’ve done several times before so they already have me in their database!).

So instead, I go to Google and type something like this into the search box:

filetype:PDF 15 business blogging mistakes

Lo and behold, right there on the first page of search results is a link to the very eBook/White paper I’m looking for in PDF format.  It provides me with “back door” access to download the PDF directly and circumvent their lead capture form.

My team at Juice Marketing also uses this technique when we’re doing research for the Sage Product Newsletters we publish because most of the meaningful information we’re looking for is contained in PDF documents (product user guides, Sage White papers, etc).

Filter Out the Noise

Using filetype:PDF filters out all those HTML web pages with thin, salesy content that’s  search-optimized and almost always going to dominate the first several pages of search results.  So rather than clicking several pages and sifting through all that noise, filetype:PDF instructs Google to serve up the good stuff and put it front and center on the first few pages.

You can do this for white papers, price sheets, eBooks, published research findings, user guides for ERP software, and just about any other PDF that’s often buried deep on a website and hard to find or hidden behind a lead capture form.

What are some of your favorite Google search tips?

5 MORE Things Sage Partners Should Do on Twitter

We got a pretty good response to a post on the Juice Marketing blog last month called 5 Things Sage Partners Should Do On Twitter Right Now.  Those 5 tips were targeted at Twitter “newbies” that haven’t really spent much time using the popular social media platform.  So in this post, we’re following up with 5 MORE tips for Sage Partners that have kicked the tires a bit, spent some time on Twitter, and looking to squeeze a bit more out of it.

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5 Things Sage Partners Should Do on Twitter Right Now

A few months ago, Greg Tirico (Social Media Manager at Sage) posted an invitation on LinkedIn for Sage partners to share their Twitter handle in order to connect ahead of Sage Summit 2012.  To date, there have been 125 replies.

What’s surprising, though, is how many Sage partners have set up a Twitter account and that’s about as far as they got.

So here are 5 things Sage Partners need to do on Twitter right now.

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5 Online Marketing Tools Every Tech VAR Should Be Using

Internet-Marketing-ToolsEvery time we do a kick off call with a new 3Cs Program client, I’m surprised to discover that so few VARs are using some of the most important and widely-used marketing tools that are freely available on the web.

Successfully marketing your ERP software and technology solutions requires more than guesswork and shot-in-the-dark tactics.  You need tools and data that gauge the impact of your efforts and provide insight to make adjustments when needed.

In this article, we’ll take a peek at some of those tools … not surprisingly, many of them are provided free from Google.  After all, Google is still the king of search and search visibility is good for business.

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5 Tips for a Killer Newsletter

… That Your Prospects Will Actually ReadERP_Newsletter_marketing

Newsletters are the “swingman” of marketing (a basketball reference indicating someone who can play multiple positions).

This flexible piece of marketing communication appeals to multiple audiences and keeps you top-of-mind with customers, prospects and alliance partners.

By consistently providing timely and relevant information, newsletters can bolster your firm’s technological expertise, provide value to your existing customers, and keep your brand front-and-center until prospects are ready to buy software.

But your customers and prospects are inundated with email, junk mail, and just plain busy.  So here are a few tips for creating a killer newsletter that will rise to the top … and that your prospects will actually read.

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