Marketing Cartoons: Content Marketing Mistakes

Looking for some comic relief? Created by “marketoonist” Tom Fishburne, these cartoons are a humorous look at some common mistakes when it comes to content marketing. Just click on any of the images to see an expanded/larger version.


1. Where’s Waldo Marketing

Stop throwing time and money at old and ineffective marketing tactics.  You’ll just get lost in the sea of every other company that’s doing the same thing (Buy My Product!).  Learn what speaks to your audience and deliver the content they need to understand how you can solve their problems.

Not Being Agile

Not Being Agile

2. Skip the Gibberish – Just Use English

Software and technology can get confusing, so skip the industry jargon and deliver your message in plain English.

Gallery of Management Consulting

Gallery of Management Consulting

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3. Stop Talking About Yourself All the Time

Enough about you already! Don’t talk about the products you sell, talk about the problems you solve. Customers want to know what you can do for THEM, not how great your products and services are.

Not Focusing on Customers

How Brands Talk

4. Don’t Stifle Creativity with Rigid Guidelines

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Creative marketing delivered in a conversational tone is more interesting and engaging than that boring corporate dribble that’s constricted by stiff branding guidelines.

Creativity vs. Branding Guidelines

Creativity vs. Branding Guidelines

5. Focusing on the Wrong Things

It’s easy to get caught up in the details and focused on the wrong things.  Make sure you don’t lose track of the marketing metrics that matter.

Focusing on the Wrong Things

Focusing on the Wrong Things

6. Customers Are Your Best Advocates

Customers trust the advice and recommendations of follow customers more than ads and self-promotion. Focus on your customers and they’ll bring you more business than any ad campaign.

Evolution of Marketing

Evolution of Marketing

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7. Moving Too Slow

Opportunity passes by when you wait and watch for too long.  New marketing techniques that were effective early become saturated and useless once everybody else piles on.

Not Moving Quickly Enough

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