Where to Find Free Stock Images for Your Blog or Website

Image courtesy of ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Whether you are trying to sell clothes, a new type of soft drink, or ERP systems – marketing relies on visual appeal.

It’s no surprise that blogs containing interesting images attract more readers. This is partly because Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter use the first image of a blog post as a part of the link snippet.

Using images on your blog is the easiest way to drive more traffic to your website. But finding high-quality images without having to break out your credit card can be a challenge. So here are a few tools for finding free stock images on the web.

1. Hubspot Free Stock Photo Giveaway

Head over to Hubspot and download over 160 free stock images. Royalty, fee, and worry-free, these business-themed images can be used in your blog posts, email, landing pages, and more.

Also be sure to check out their original free stock image giveaway to download another 75 free images.

The Cost of Free: Since you’re required to fill out a form to download the images, the only real cost is your contact info – which will result in the occasional marketing email from Hubspot. But don’t worry – you can always opt out.

2. FreeDigitalPhotos.net

FreeDigitalPhotos.net is a community of stock photographers and digital artists that allow their work to be downloaded free of charge for personal, business, and educational use.

In general, you’ll find high-quality photos that can be downloaded without registration. The smallest, low resolution files can be downloaded for free while larger, higher resolution files are available for a small fee (but still pretty cheap).

The Cost of Free: The only thing that FreeDigitalPhotos.net asks is for you to publish a credit acknowledging the artist and source of the photo (take a look at the stock image above in THIS blog post for an example).

3. Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that fosters the sharing and creative use of various media including photos, videos, written content, and more.  It provides a framework for you to use the creative work of others for commercial purposes.

Like a search engine for creative content, Creative Commons searches Google, Flickr, and more for images that have been tagged with a Creative Commons license and are available to use on your blog and website.

The Cost of Free: There are a number of different license options that authors can choose on Creative Commons.  So while many photos can be used without worry, be sure to review the licensing requirements of each photo and give proper attribution where required.

Over to You – What’s YOUR Favorite Free Stock Photo Resource?

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    Another great Pinterest style layout free image gallery site is


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