Google+ Post Instantly Served Up in Search Results

I discovered something interesting using Google+ that I wanted to share.

Earlier today, I posted an update on our Juice Marketing page on Google+.  Then, out of curiosity, I did a quick search on “SEO Backlinks” using Google (the regular old search engine, without the +).  Lo and behold, the brand spankin’ new G+ post was instantly picked up and displayed as the #3 search engine result … in just 17 seconds!

Here’s the proof (image below):


Google+ content instantly available in search results after just 17 seconds

Important Note

It’s important to note that the displayed search was indeed set (by default) to include my personal search results … so I understand that it wasn’t truly / globally the #3 search result.

But it’s interesting to me that content posted on Google+ seems to be instantly indexed and available in Google search.  More evidence that social media is an increasingly important part of SEO – and perhaps a good reason that you should consider spending a bit more time on Google+.

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