Say Hello to SocialBro – A Twitter Management App

LogoWhether you are new to Twitter or are a Tweet Vet, managing the “million-miles-a-second” social media platform can be a bit daunting at times. Combine Twitter’s fast-paced nature and limited user-interface with the myriad of “freemium” services out  there and its no wonder that people give up on the micro-blogging site.

Enter SocialBro … a comprehensive Twitter marketing and management suite that is currently available for download as a desktop app or as a Chrome browser extension.

After using SocialBro for the past few months, the analytics alone are worth the download. Or if you’re juggling multiple social media tools to manage hashtag trends, new follows, customer lists, tweet times, etc., then it might be worth taking a few minutes to sign up for a free account and check it out.

Among other things, Socialbro provides:

  • Twitter Analytics and stats
  • Twitter insights and loads of reports
  • Best time to tweet
  • Who followed and unfollowed you
  • Advanced search
  • More …

If it sounds fun and interesting (which it is!), head over to their website and try it for yourself:

Socialbro Website >>>

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