How to Feature Your Most Important Tweets

Stick a Pin In It

Did you know you can pin a tweet to the top of your Twitter profile so it stays fixed in place? In this article, we’ll show you how to pin your tweets and how this functionality can help you get more clicks and shares of your most important content.

Twitter Pinned

How to Pin a Tweet

First things first, let’s show you how it’s done.

  1. Launch your Twitter profile

You can find it at  The Juice Marketing profile page, for instance, is at

  1. Find the tweet you’d like to pin
  1. Click the three dots (aka “more options” ellipses) within the tweet
  1. Select the “Pin to Your Profile Page” option

Ta da! That tweet is now fixed at the very top of your Twitter profile and won’t move until you “Unpin” it or replace it by pinning some other tweet (you can only pin 1 tweet at a time).

Pinning a Tweet on Twitter

Note: this process doesn’t add the tweet back to Twitter’s main timeline or into the main feed of your followers. It simply pins it to the top of YOUR profile page so that anyone visiting your Twitter profile will see it front and center.

How to Leverage Pin Functionality

When you pin a tweet at the top, it becomes one of the first things people see when they visit your profile.

This is a good way to feature some of your best or most important content so that it potentially gets more clicks, likes, retweets, and attention.

Here are some examples of things you might pin to the top to get more exposure:

  • Company introduction video or message from management
  • Photo of your team
  • Upcoming webcast, live event, training, or user conference
  • Recent company news or press release
  • Recent newsletter
  • A link to a white paper or eBook offer on your website
  • An open position at your company
  • Important article just published on your blog
  • Breathe new life into old content (that’s still relevant)

Why Pin Tweets at All?

Because so many people are sharing so many things on Twitter, the life of any given tweet is very short-lived.  In many cases, it only takes a few minutes before your most recent tweet is buried by hundreds of other tweets that were shared shortly after yours.

By using pins, you improve the odds that your most important shares will get a little more love and attention.

What’s the Potential Impact? 

The folks over at Buffer shared the results of their testing in this article.  In the case of Twitter, they reported a 5x to 10x increase in clicks and sign ups (for a newsletter).

For the few seconds it takes to pin something on Twitter, it seems WELL worth the effort.


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