The Blueprint for Optimal Blog Design

Blog Design Blueprint

At Juice Marketing, we think a business blog is one of your most important Inbound Marketing tools.  But effective blogging is about more than just creating great content.

You also need to consider the structure and design if you want to drive more traffic, keep visitors on your site longer, and convert some of those visitors into real business opportunities (leads!).

Recently, we wrote 6 simple steps to better blog posts providing tips for font size, readability, use of headings and white space, tone of “voice”, and other ideas for creating better and more engaging articles and blog content.

In this post, we want to provide some food for thought about the design of your blog. Because more than just looking cool, blog design and layout can impact how long visitors stay on your website and whether they come back again for more.

To tell the story, we’ve included an infographic below (courtesy of Quick Sprout) which should help you “get the picture”

The Blueprint of an Optimal Blog Design


  1. Hilary Buckley says

    Great find Mark! Because I’m a typography geek, I especially enjoyed the font size and preferred font sections.

    • mark_badran says

      Thanks Hilary. I agree. I wouldn’t call myself a typography geek … but the stuff about colors, fonts, placement of images, etc and the respective impact on how the brain processes those things always interests me.

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