Time to Rethink Your “About Company” Web Page

Was the content in your “About Company” page just slapped together as an after thought? If so, you might consider taking another look at the information you provide there.

Because Google Said So

As Google Analytics and other website analysis tools become more widely-used, we’re starting to understand the behavior of web surfers (you know, the prospects that are checking out your website) and which pages are most frequently-visited. As it turns out, it looks like the “About Company” page is more popular than most people might think it is.

What Others Are Saying

I read a short article recently that discussed the topic of About Pages. Here’s an excerpt:

“… interest in “About” pages was recently stirred by influential blogger Chris Brogan’s discovery that most of his site’s readers were visiting his About page. And from a recent blog post by Chris Lake at eConsultancy, we further learned that missing “About” pages are a major reason for visitors’ choosing to leave sites without conducting business.”

While your “About Company” page may not be MISSING, in some cases it might as well be. If it provides nothing more than a half-baked description of your business and some contact info, you might just be missing out on major opportunity to make a great first impression.

Why This is Worth Writing About

Here’s a major reason that this article really resonates with us here at Juice Marketing … we’ve made the same discovery over the past several months. As we’ve become more active in blogging and social media, we’ve noticed a spike in website visitors. AND A LOT OF THOSE VISITORS ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO OUR “ABOUT JUICE MARKETING” WEB PAGE. In fact, the About Juice Marketing page is the 3rd most popular behind our blog pages and home page.  So for us (and I suspect many of our clients), this isn’t just an interesting theory, it’s reality!

So there you go … some food for thought. Maybe it’s time to rethink the “About Company” page and put as much time, effort, and consideration into the content there as you probably did with your home page.

Needless to say, we’re working on a revamped version of our “About Juice Marketing” web page and will be posting the content very soon.

LET’S HERE YOUR FEEDBACK: How much effort did you put into your “About Company” page? Do you feel that it’s an important aspect of your website (compared with, say, your home page, products page, services page, contact page, etc)? Does anyone have analytics they can share regarding most popular/visited pages?


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    We’re in the process of revamping our website and never thought about the “About” page – ours is the “Company Profile” page. Thanks for the reminder that we are missing the chance to make another impression.

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