Looking for a Sage Authorized Partner in Canada

That was the title of a post in the Sage Nonprofit Solutions group on LinkedIn.  I clicked on it thinking there were going to be a TON of responses from Sage Fund Accounting partners looking to help out and maybe pick up a new customer.

The post went on to say “I’m interested in finding out more about Sage Fundraising Online and Sage Millennium, so I need to find an authorized reseller in Canada. Feel free to message privately.”

And to my surprise …

There was just ONE response.

And it gets better …

The one response was from a Strategic Accounts Manager at Sage!

No Coverage in Canada, Lack of Social Engagement or Something Else?

Immediately, several thoughts came to mind.

Odd that there weren’t ANY responses from Sage Partners.  A customer asking for support and help with a potential software purchase is like dropping a bucket of bloody fish into shark-infested waters.  Yet, no sharks to be found.

Does it mean there aren’t many (if any) Sage Fund Accounting partners covering Canada (in this case, Toronto)?

Does it mean that Sage Nonprofit Partners simply aren’t engaged in social media … or at least, aren’t engaged in this particular LinkedIn group (which DOES only have 153 members and isn’t very active)?

Is it something else?  Perhaps partners are skeptical of web inquiries, don’t make much money implementing Sage Fundraising, or saw “Sage Millennium”  and decided to let Sage handle it?

What are YOUR thoughts?  I’m curious to hear from Sage Nonprofit partners.


  1. says

    Hi Mark,

    I did see this post and think wow – only one comment and its from Sage – HOWEVER she did mention to private message her which is what I probably would have done if we were a partner that sold the Sage fundraising product. I don’t think there are many partners in Canada selling it though (none in BC that I know of) as the margins are very low.

    Very interesting though…

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