Blog Marketing Secrets That Work

We hear it from Sage Partners all the time … “Everyone is blogging and they say it’s good for business, but I’m just too busy and not sure I have time for it.  So what is the big deal with blogging anyway?”

This is the big deal …

Over the last several years,  traditional “outbound” marketing practices have become totally ineffective. Your prospects are no longer responsive to overt sales tactics and “interruption marketing”  – that is, marketing that interrupts their day with unsolicited and unwanted ads, direct mail, or telemarketing.

The Technology Buying Process Has Changed

Instead, your prospects know they can find everything they need to know on the internet.  They’re doing extensive, self-guided research looking for content to help them make purchasing decisions.  And in that process, the blog has established itself as a critical tool for “inbound” marketing activities and a hub for all the educational content  and insightful articles that attract technology buyers (and the search engines, like Google, for that matter).

Simply put, your blog can be a key source of influence over people involved in the technology buying process.

Blog Marketing Secrets That Work (Sage Summit Presentation)

Below is the slide deck from a presentation we delivered at Sage Summit 2012 in Nashville, TN.  The slides provide some important blogging tips that will help:

  • Generate ideas and content to keep your blog fat and happy
  • Optimize your blog entries for SEO
  • Drive traffic to your blog

(Click image to launch PDF)


Download Blog Marketing Secrets That Work in PDF format.


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