Sage Partner Marketing: A Few Recent Project (October 2012)

As we begin to approach year end, we wanted to provide a glimpse of some of the fun and engaging marketing projects we’ve been working on to help Sage Partners and other small businesses “squeeze the most out of their marketing dollar.”

Whether you provide ERP software implementation, construction technology solutions, fixed asset management services, HR and payroll technology, or shipping software solutions, take a peek at the sample projects below and discover how we help Sage Partners put some JUICE in their MARKETING.

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5 Online Marketing Tools Every Tech VAR Should Be Using

Internet-Marketing-ToolsEvery time we do a kick off call with a new 3Cs Program client, I’m surprised to discover that so few VARs are using some of the most important and widely-used marketing tools that are freely available on the web.

Successfully marketing your ERP software and technology solutions requires more than guesswork and shot-in-the-dark tactics.  You need tools and data that gauge the impact of your efforts and provide insight to make adjustments when needed.

In this article, we’ll take a peek at some of those tools … not surprisingly, many of them are provided free from Google.  After all, Google is still the king of search and search visibility is good for business.

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Juice Marketing: A Few Recent Projects (March 2012)

… Some of the Sage partner marketing projects we’ve been working on lately.

It has been a busy few weeks here at Juice Marketing. We’ve been helping our clients achieve some pretty amazing things and creating fresh-squeezed marketing and content in the form of newsletters, press releases, success stories, and brochures.  Here are a few of the exciting projects we’ve completed recently for Sage partners.

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5 Tips for a Killer Newsletter

… That Your Prospects Will Actually ReadERP_Newsletter_marketing

Newsletters are the “swingman” of marketing (a basketball reference indicating someone who can play multiple positions).

This flexible piece of marketing communication appeals to multiple audiences and keeps you top-of-mind with customers, prospects and alliance partners.

By consistently providing timely and relevant information, newsletters can bolster your firm’s technological expertise, provide value to your existing customers, and keep your brand front-and-center until prospects are ready to buy software.

But your customers and prospects are inundated with email, junk mail, and just plain busy.  So here are a few tips for creating a killer newsletter that will rise to the top … and that your prospects will actually read.

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The Social Media “Secret” that Small Businesses Need to Know

Social Media SecretI hear it from Sage and Microsoft partners all the time … “I don’t see the value in social media.”

The reason they don’t see value, they say, ranges from “it’s a silly fad for teenagers” and “I don’t care what someone had for breakfast this morning” to “I don’t know anybody that’s made money or closed a deal through social media.”

But there’s one elusive secret about social media that most of those same folks are missing – something you need to understand in order for social media to work for you.  And that simple secret is this …

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Hey Sage, What Happened to “Differentiate or Die?”

Stand Out with Original ContentIt seems every bit of communication we see coming out of Sage these days has some sort of plug push promotion for Zift syndicated content.

So, what is syndicated content?

In a nutshell, it’s ready-made blocks of content that you plug in to your website.

But here’s the problem …

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Software Sales: The Argument for Fixed Pricing (Ownership) or Monthly Subscription (Rental)


This is a guest post by Nicole Laurier of Fisher Technology – the North American distributor of Business Process Management software for Sage ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of debate on various discussion boards about what Sage Software’s plans will be when they announce their new pricing model and how it will affect their Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) and the Businesses that purchase their software.

Traditionally software has been purchased and implemented on-premise (i.e. at a customer’s place of work) where it is often maintained by an internal IT person, with a VAR offering additional support.  But with the advent of Software as a Service (SAAS), many businesses have been taking their traditional on-premise technology to the ‘cloud.’Continue Reading

Introducing Jump Start Marketing for Sage Fast Track Partners

sage-fast-track-jump-startWe’ve just launched a new channel marketing program designed to help Sage partners leverage the knowledge they gain from Sage Fast Track coaching and turn new ideas into action.

It’s called Jump Start Marketing.  Here’s the deal …

The Sage Fast Track program lays a great foundation of marketing knowledge and best practices. But once the coaching and curriculum is complete, many Sage Resellers have trouble finding the time and resources to implement what they’ve learned.

Stuff like creating blog content, developing customer success stories, improving Google search visibility, and figuring out which social media tools and platforms are worthwhile and which are a tremendous waste of time.

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39 Ideas for Writing a Press Release

We do a lot of press release writing for Sage and Microsoft partners.

And once they see how powerful the combination of content, keyword optimization, and newswire distribution can be, they get excited and want to put more press releases out.  But inevitably, they end up asking themselves the same question …

What the heck are we going to come up with that’s “newsworthy”?

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