How LinkedIn Groups Became Ruined and Useless

LinkedIn Groups RuinedThere was a time when LinkedIn Groups were really useful. Full of engaging posts and discussion threads around topics that group members were passionate and knowledgeable about.  But all that has changed.

In my opinion, LinkedIn Groups (and indeed, LinkedIn itself) are being ruined by indiscriminate spam along with shallow, off-topic, crappy content.

Here’s my take.

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Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Work for You

How to Use a Company Page on LinkedInYour LinkedIn Company Page can add tremendous value to your social media marketing efforts. There are so many ERP VARs that have personal profiles on LinkedIn, but many aren’t utilizing the company-level tools and features that LinkedIn has to offer.

In a previous post we shared some basics of creating and using a LinkedIn company page. So here are 4 more ways you can put that new Company page to work for you.

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How to Use a Company Page on LinkedIn

How to Use a Company Page on LinkedInIt seems like Company Pages on LinkedIn are a sorely underutilized feature.

If you don’t have a company page or haven’t checked yours lately, you’ve probably missed some of the newer features that have been added.

Here are a few tips for using Company Pages on LinkedIn to improve visibility and prospective business opportunities…

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