How to Turn Off New Post Notifications on LinkedIn

Turning Off LinkedIn Post Notifications

It started a while back when LinkedIn opened up their publishing platform (now called “Pulse”) to a limited range of people that they considered a “LinkedIn Influencer.” It was a way for widely-known business or industry leaders (think Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, or Deepak Chopra) to share unique insight and wisdom in the form of article posts on LinkedIn.

And then it happened … LinkedIn opened up the Pulse publishing platform to EVERYBODY.

That was a big mistake – here’s why.

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How to Feature Your ERP Projects on LinkedIn

As you probably know, LinkedIn is a great place to make connections and potentially discover new business opportunities. But you may not be as familiar with some of the fantastic tools on LinkedIn that allow you to put your professional experience on display for the world – and more specifically, potential new customers – to see.

Just this past year, LinkedIn quietly rolled out a new ‘Projects‘ feature – a little known and underutilized tool that allows you to highlight work or projects you’ve completed as a consultant, or as part of team. This new feature is a fantastic way for ERP Resellers to emphasize successful implementation projects and show the world what you’re capable of doing. Here’s how to get started with LinkedIn Projects.

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How to Use a Company Page on LinkedIn

How to Use a Company Page on LinkedInIt seems like Company Pages on LinkedIn are a sorely underutilized feature.

If you don’t have a company page or haven’t checked yours lately, you’ve probably missed some of the newer features that have been added.

Here are a few tips for using Company Pages on LinkedIn to improve visibility and prospective business opportunities…

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The Social Media “Secret” that Small Businesses Need to Know

Social Media SecretI hear it from Sage and Microsoft partners all the time … “I don’t see the value in social media.”

The reason they don’t see value, they say, ranges from “it’s a silly fad for teenagers” and “I don’t care what someone had for breakfast this morning” to “I don’t know anybody that’s made money or closed a deal through social media.”

But there’s one elusive secret about social media that most of those same folks are missing – something you need to understand in order for social media to work for you.  And that simple secret is this …

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VAR Marketing Tips – LinkedIn Vanity URL

Here’s a quick tip on LinkedIn that EVERYONE should implement….customize your personal URL on LinkedIn. Some call it a Vanity URL. Basically, it’s the URL where your personal profile is stored and can be found and viewed by others.

LinkedIn assigned an automatically-generated URL by default when you first created your profile. So it probably includes some random numbers and letters that make the URL unnecessarily messy and hard to ready. That’s why Linked allows you to customize your profile URL.

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What Every Sage and Microsoft Reseller NEEDS to Consider This Year

It seems each new year brings a flurry of predictions about new marketing techniques that are gonna be the greatest thing since … well, you know.  However what works for one reseller may not work for the next because some tactics are practical and others aren’t.  So here’s our “short list” of emerging marketing trends every Sage and Microsoft reseller NEEDS to consider this year (or else!).

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5½ Steps to Using LinkedIn for Referrals

Based on the popular “Six Degrees of Separation” concept, LinkedIn helps you connect with customers, prospects, and colleagues. The idea is that you’re only a few steps away from anyone in the world that you’d like to meet (you know, all those prospects that need business software) based on who you know, who THEY know, and so on. In fact, LinkedIn can be a great way to expand your influence and generate business referrals. But in order for LinkedIn to work for you, you’ll have to do more than simply list some work experience and upload a picture.

Here are 4 simple steps to using LinkedIn to generate referrals.

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