How ERP VARs Can Improve SEO with a Google+ Local Listing

You’re Already Halfway There!

As Google+ gains more traction every day, small businesses are starting to realize the importance of the search-dominant juggernaut’s new-ish social network. There is no doubt that Google is increasingly blending social activity and posts directly into “regular” Google Search Results  – which bolsters the case for making sure your business has a presence on Google+ (that is, if search and SEO are important to you).

At Juice Marketing, we’ve noticed a trend among ERP VARs that had an old Google Places listing but have yet to claim their free Google+ Local Page.

In some cases, data and information from your old Google Places listing was automatically migrated to Google+. But until you claim and verify the new Google+ Local Page, you’re missing out on extra SEO juice.

Here’s how to convert your old Google Places listing and start taking advantage of the significantly-improved local search results that a Google+ Local Listing can offer.

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6 Simple Ways to Improve Local Search

SEO-for-blogsMany of the ERP VARs and technology partners we work with provide their implementation and support services in a local area. Sure, you may have a handful of customers across the country or around the world. But if you’re like most, you have a high concentration of customers within driving distance of your office(s).

Yet many of those same ERP partners are nowhere to be found when you do a Google search on [your product expertise] combined with [your geography].  For instance:

“Sage 100 Support New York”

“Dynamics GP Training Chicago”

“SAP ByDesign Los Angeles”

Did you know that 73% of all online activity is related to local search?

While searches like “Sage 300 ERP Support Toronto” may not send huge volumes of traffic to your site, the handful of people that do find you with that search are highly targeted and probably need your help.

Here are 6 simple things you can do today to improve local search results for your website.

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