Juice Marketing: A Few Recent Projects (March 2012)

… Some of the Sage partner marketing projects we’ve been working on lately.

It has been a busy few weeks here at Juice Marketing. We’ve been helping our clients achieve some pretty amazing things and creating fresh-squeezed marketing and content in the form of newsletters, press releases, success stories, and brochures.  Here are a few of the exciting projects we’ve completed recently for Sage partners.

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6 Critical Elements of an Effective Success Story

erp success storySuccess stories are a highly effective marketing tool.  They lend credibility to your firm’s technological expertise in a format that prospects can easily relate to and understand.  A well-written story delivers compelling evidence of your ability to provide ERP, CRM, HR, and other technology solutions that help your prospects become more efficient, profitable and competitive … which may ultimately help you get the deal closed!!

But developing an effective success story is as much an art as it is a science.  At Juice Marketing, we’ve developed several best practices that enable us to deliver success stories to our clients that are compelling and resonate with their prospects.

So let’s take a look at 6 critical elements of an effective success story.

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The Social Media “Secret” that Small Businesses Need to Know

Social Media SecretI hear it from Sage and Microsoft partners all the time … “I don’t see the value in social media.”

The reason they don’t see value, they say, ranges from “it’s a silly fad for teenagers” and “I don’t care what someone had for breakfast this morning” to “I don’t know anybody that’s made money or closed a deal through social media.”

But there’s one elusive secret about social media that most of those same folks are missing – something you need to understand in order for social media to work for you.  And that simple secret is this …

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Guide: How To Set Up a Google+ Business Page

No doubt you’ve heard all the chatter about Google+ by now. Many of the early adopters were techie geeks and marketing guys that pounce on every product Google rolls out.

But the introduction of Business Pages, Google+ has drawn a larger crowd of folks looking to grow their social network, connect with prospects, and quite possibly improve search results in the process.

Here’s a handy guide from the guys over at Hubspot that shows you how to set up and use Google+ pages for business.

Click below to download the guide (PDF)

How to Set Up a Google+ Business Page >>>

Google+ for Business

Google+ for Business

Software Sales: The Argument for Fixed Pricing (Ownership) or Monthly Subscription (Rental)


This is a guest post by Nicole Laurier of Fisher Technology – the North American distributor of Business Process Management software for Sage ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of debate on various discussion boards about what Sage Software’s plans will be when they announce their new pricing model and how it will affect their Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) and the Businesses that purchase their software.

Traditionally software has been purchased and implemented on-premise (i.e. at a customer’s place of work) where it is often maintained by an internal IT person, with a VAR offering additional support.  But with the advent of Software as a Service (SAAS), many businesses have been taking their traditional on-premise technology to the ‘cloud.’Continue Reading

4 Things Every Business Should Know About Marketing in 2012

2012 Marketing Tips

It seems that each year brings a flurry of predictions (like ‘the death of email’) and cutting-edge marketing tactics (you know, anything associated with social media) that are going to drive customers to your door by the thousands.  And while new marketing tools seem to crop up daily, the most important thing to keep in mind is this …

The basics of good marketing haven’t changed – timeless best practices like defining your target market, identifying your competitive differentiators, nurturing leads, and staying top of mind …

But the way people EVALUATE and BUY products and services has DEFINITELY changed.

Here are four things you should know about marketing in 2012 that can help you find new customers in this brave new socially-aware, Google-dominated world we do business in.

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39 Ideas for Writing a Press Release

We do a lot of press release writing for Sage and Microsoft partners.

And once they see how powerful the combination of content, keyword optimization, and newswire distribution can be, they get excited and want to put more press releases out.  But inevitably, they end up asking themselves the same question …

What the heck are we going to come up with that’s “newsworthy”?

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SEO Tips Every Blogger Needs to Know

SEO_tips_BloggingYou’ve heard that blogging is essential for small business, that it brings traffic by the thousands to your website, and that Google loves the fresh and frequently-updated content a blog offers.

So you went and got yourself a blog, posted a few entries and … well, nothing happened. No spike in traffic, no increase in revenue, and no improvement in your Google search results.  So what’s the deal?

One of the most common issues is that your content sucks!

But assuming the content on your blog offers something of value to your readers, the lack of activity might just be as simple as this … no one can find it.

Even great content needs a little help getting found by readers and indexed by Google.  So here are a few SEO tips every blogger needs to know.

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Go Bananas With Free Email Marketing by MailChimp

Free Online Marketing - Mail Chimp

In today’s world of “one day” deals, no-cost e-books, and coupon services, it has become so easy to try before you buy. But many of these services come with miles of red tape, short trial periods, and usually end with a sales pitch for the upgrade. In short, you often get what you pay for.

And then you have an email service provider like Mail Chimp…

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SEO in Plain English – 3 Minute Video Breakdown

Most of the technology partners we work with have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and understand the benefit of showing up on the first page of Google for important keywords like ‘Sage ERP’ or ‘Microsoft Dynamics’. Unfortunately, too many VARs think that SEO is a combination of luck, rocket science, and dash of Black Magic.

Well, you need not wonder about the “magic” of SEO any longer.  This short video – a collaboration of Search Engine Land and Common Craft – breaks down several of the most important elements of SEO in a way that’s straight forward, easy to understand, and … well, described in Plain English.

Watch and enjoy!

Oh and if SEO still seems like rocket science, then maybe it’s time to check out our GoogleJuice Website Audit.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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