Sage Fund Accounting Newsletter for Year End 2012

We’ve just published the Sage 100 Fund Accounting newsletter for year end 2012. This issue includes the following articles:

  • Introducing Sage 100 Fund Accounting Version 2013
  • Common Questions and Answers About Year End Processing
  • 5 Tips for Closing Your Fiscal Year in Sage 100 Fund Accounting
  • The Pros and Cons of a “Hard Close” in Sage 100 Fund Accounting

Keep in Touch with Your Customers

Our newsletter program is a great way to keep in touch with your Sage Fund Accounting customers and demonstrate the value of your relationship as a technology provider.

We personalize and “brand” the newsletters with your company logo, contact information, and colors. With each issue, you get a PDF, Email version, and the article content in a Word document for Sage Partners that also want to post on their blog or website.

Get Started!

To see a sample issue, download a sample copy of the Year End 2012 edition below.

To purchase this issue or learn about a discounted annual subscription, visit our Sage Newsletter Marketing information page.

Sage Fund Accounting Newsletter Year End 2012

Sage Fund Accounting Newsletter Year End 2012

Sage 100 and 300 ERP Year End Newsletters Available

Its that time of year again… the weather is cold and crisp, holiday music is on the radio, and the year is finally coming to an end. For Sage Partners everywhere, this signals the start of the year end closing process for most of your customers.

Every year, Juice Marketing publishes expanded year-end edition Sage 100 and Sage 300 ERP newsletters. Packed with product tips and resources, these special year end newsletters help guide your customers through closing procedures and preparations for the new year. Many Sage Partners use these newsletters as a way to reach out to their customers during this hectic and stressful time of year and provide them with valuable year end tools and resources.

Juice Marketing is excited to announce that these special year end issues for Sage 100 ERP and Sage 300 ERP are now available for purchase. Click the image below to read the full press release with all the details, and be sure to contact us if you’d like a year end newsletter to send to YOUR Sage 100 or Sage 300 ERP customers.

Sage 100 and 300 ERP Year End Newsletters Available

Press Release – Sage 100 and 300 ERP Year End Newsletters Available

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Sage Partner Marketing: A Few Recent Projects (July 2012)

It has been a busy couple of months here at Juice Marketing.  We’ve been helping our clients “squeeze the most out of their marketing dollar” in the form of newsletters, press releases, success stories, blog entries, article content, website design, and a couple of brochures. Here are a few of the exciting projects we’ve worked on recently for Sage partners.

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New Sage ERP X3 Newsletter for Sage Partners

We’re excited to announce the inaugural issue of the Sage ERP X3 quarterly newsletter.  It’s the newest member of our Sage Partner Marketing Newsletter Program which now features 6 titles including Sage X3, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, Sage 100 Fund Accounting, and Sage HRMS.

When compared with our other Sage product newsletters which are almost exclusively focused on add-on products and support updates for existing customers, the content of first few Sage ERP X3 issues will be balanced between existing AND prospective customers. Since Sage X3 is relatively new to the North American market, we wanted to create marketing communication that partners could use with both audiences.

Sage partners that subscribe to the program receive the articles in a Word document to post on their blog, an HTML file to send the newsletter out via email, and a PDF version which make the newsletters easy to share, download or print.

Click below and take a peek at a sample issue of the new Sage ERP X3 quarterly newsletter and be sure to contact us if you’d like a copy of this newsletter to send to YOUR Sage X3 customers and prospects.

Sage ERP X3 Newsletter


5 Tips for a Killer Newsletter

… That Your Prospects Will Actually ReadERP_Newsletter_marketing

Newsletters are the “swingman” of marketing (a basketball reference indicating someone who can play multiple positions).

This flexible piece of marketing communication appeals to multiple audiences and keeps you top-of-mind with customers, prospects and alliance partners.

By consistently providing timely and relevant information, newsletters can bolster your firm’s technological expertise, provide value to your existing customers, and keep your brand front-and-center until prospects are ready to buy software.

But your customers and prospects are inundated with email, junk mail, and just plain busy.  So here are a few tips for creating a killer newsletter that will rise to the top … and that your prospects will actually read.

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The Most Versatile Tool in the Sage Partner Marketing Arsenal …

As a Sage business partner, a newsletter is perhaps the most versatile tool in your marketing arsenal.  This one, powerful piece of communication has so many different uses.

Lead Nurturing – The sales cycle for business software can be very long.  A newsletter keeps your company “top of mind” with prospects, making it easy for them track you down when they’re ready to buy.

Customers – A newsletter can provide your customers with practical tips, support updates, and add-on modules that will help them make the most of their software investment and relationship with your firm.

Alliance Partners – A newsletter puts you front and center with alliance partners, builds the relationship, and makes it easy for them to refer business to you.

Below are a handful of tips that will have your customers, prospects, and alliance partners looking forward to each and every issue.

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