Hey Sage, What Happened to “Differentiate or Die?”

Stand Out with Original ContentIt seems every bit of communication we see coming out of Sage these days has some sort of plug push promotion for Zift syndicated content.

So, what is syndicated content?

In a nutshell, it’s ready-made blocks of content that you plug in to your website.

But here’s the problem …

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Sage Rebranding Questions and Answers FAQ

Sage has published an FAQ with answers to some of the most important questions raised among the Sage Partner community in connection with the re-branding effort underway in North America.  On the heels of a webcast that provided a glimpse as to how some of the Sage products will be renamed, this FAQ provides a bit more detail about how the rebranding will be executed and what it means to Sage partners.

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What the Sage Rebranding Strategy REALLY Means

There’s been plenty of buzz in the channel following a few announcements that Sage Execs made at Sage Summit earlier this month.  In particular, the announced rebranding effort aimed at creating better recognition of the “Sage” corporate brand at the expense of some very popular and long-standing individual product names (MAS 90, Timberline, Peachtree) has ruffled some feathers.

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