Google Penguin and Panda In Plain English

For the past 2 years, small business owners have been trying to make sense out of Penguins and Pandas. If you run a business and own a website, you’ve probably heard of these infamous updates to the Google search algorithm.

But do you understand what they mean for your business?

Is your SEO agency using post-penguin and post-panda scare tactics in order to squeeze a few more dollars out of you?

The truth is, Google updates its algorithm hundreds of times each year in order to keep delivering the most relevant search results. And even though they were relatively significant changes, the Google Penguin and Panda updates only affected a small fraction of websites.

So to help you avoid the “panda-monium” surrounding these algorithm changes, here’s a breakdown of Google Panda and Penguin in plain English.

Google Penguin and Panda In Plain English

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Hey Sage, What Happened to “Differentiate or Die?”

Stand Out with Original ContentIt seems every bit of communication we see coming out of Sage these days has some sort of plug push promotion for Zift syndicated content.

So, what is syndicated content?

In a nutshell, it’s ready-made blocks of content that you plug in to your website.

But here’s the problem …

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SEO Tips Every Blogger Needs to Know

SEO_tips_BloggingYou’ve heard that blogging is essential for small business, that it brings traffic by the thousands to your website, and that Google loves the fresh and frequently-updated content a blog offers.

So you went and got yourself a blog, posted a few entries and … well, nothing happened. No spike in traffic, no increase in revenue, and no improvement in your Google search results.  So what’s the deal?

One of the most common issues is that your content sucks!

But assuming the content on your blog offers something of value to your readers, the lack of activity might just be as simple as this … no one can find it.

Even great content needs a little help getting found by readers and indexed by Google.  So here are a few SEO tips every blogger needs to know.

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SEO is Harder Because Google is Smarter

In the beginning, there was keyword density, metadata, and other SEO tactics that were fairly easy to figure out and enabled you to dominate top search results.  Sure, Google would continually tweak their algorithm and keep you on your feet. But achieving decent search results for your website was still heavily influenced by on-page tactics.

Then along came social media and, more recently, the Google Panda (aka “Farmer”) update.  Almost overnight, SEO got a lot harder as Google got a lot smarter.

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SEO Backlink Building Using Free Online Directories

One of the most important things you can do to improve search engine visibility is to build links from other websites that point back to your website.  Commonly referred to as backlinks (also called inbound links), search engines like Google use these links as a way to measure your online credibility.

Here are some tips for building some of those links using free online business directories.

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3 SEO Tips for Small Business

SEO-tips-small-business-sage-varSitemaps, meta tags, keyword density, backlinks, anchor text … ominous terms that make SEO sound like rocket science.  But it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong … achieving top SEO ranking on Google (and staying there a while) can be a challenge if you’re trying to rank for highly competitive search terms.  But for many small businesses (yeah, I’m talking to you Sage VARs), SEO doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  Here are 3 top SEO tips and tactics that will get you closer to page 1 ranking on Google.