Understanding Google’s Not-so-Friendly Mobile Search Update

Google Mobilegeddon

By now, you might have heard that Google updated their search algorithm with a change that people are calling mobilegeddon. Although some claim it’s the most significant update that Google has ever applied, associating it with doom, death, and destruction might be over the top.  But the point is if your website design isn’t “mobile-friendly”, you might soon be losing a chunk of traffic from search.

Let’s cut through the hype and take a look at what this change really means for you.

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Why is Social Media Important to SEO?

social-media-seoAs you’ve probably heard, SEO has changed … and most VARs simply haven’t been keeping up.

If you still think that SEO – and achieving better search results – means stuffing your website with keywords and tagging it with metadata, then let me introduce you to 2012 and something called social media.

Social media is now an integral part of today’s SEO mix.  It’s really difficult to rank well in search without incorporating a social component.

Here’s why …

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How to Optimize a PDF for Search Visibility

pdf-iconNewsletters, press releases, success stories, brochures … the PDF documents on your website contain plenty of great content.  But is that content visible to search engines?

If your PDFs aren’t created properly, search engines will have a difficult time indexing the document which can render all that great content totally invisible (yes, PDFs can and DO show up in search results).

Here are 7 useful tips for optimizing PDFs to ensure SEO benefit and search engine visibility.

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SEO in Plain English – 3 Minute Video Breakdown

Most of the technology partners we work with have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and understand the benefit of showing up on the first page of Google for important keywords like ‘Sage ERP’ or ‘Microsoft Dynamics’. Unfortunately, too many VARs think that SEO is a combination of luck, rocket science, and dash of Black Magic.

Well, you need not wonder about the “magic” of SEO any longer.  This short video – a collaboration of Search Engine Land and Common Craft – breaks down several of the most important elements of SEO in a way that’s straight forward, easy to understand, and … well, described in Plain English.

Watch and enjoy!

Oh and if SEO still seems like rocket science, then maybe it’s time to check out our GoogleJuice Website Audit.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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Why did my website disappear from Google Search Results?

If you’ve asked yourself that question recently, your website may be a victim of the recent Google Panda Update … an update to Google’s algorithm that went live earlier this year with the intention of snuffing out Link Farms and spammy websites that were “gaming” the search results.  One of the consequences (intended or not) was to penalize websites that contain what Google considers “low quality content.”  If you’ve been to the Juice Marketing blog before, you know that we believe strongly that Content Is King.  And with the Google Panda update, it’s the King, Queen, and the Castle!

Here’s a link to a video posted on the SEOmoz website that offers some interesting insights about how Panda has fundamentally changed SEO.

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