How to Use Hashtags on Social Media

It appears that Facebook has Twitter #envy.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it is incorporating use of Hashtags into its social media platform. Originally popularized on Twitter, the hashtag has been adopted and utilized by other social networks such as Google+ and Instagram.  So on the heels of Facebook’s announcement, let’s take a look at some hashtag basics and how to use them on social media.

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Why Share Other People’s Content on Social Media?

Why Share Other People’s Content on Social Media?I see it often. A Sage or Microsoft partner starts using social media and right away they’re promoting their products, their company, and their events.

It’s not long before their Twitter stream or LinkedIn updates become repetitive and predictable … promo, promo, promo, me, me, me … it’s all about me!

But in my opinion, that’s the wrong approach.

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