Social Media Cartoons – A Humorous Look at Marketing

Here are some cartoons that we just had to share. Created by the folks over at Hubspot, these cartoons are a humorous look at the social media marketing tactics we hear and blog about about every day. Just click on any of the images below to see the expanded/larger version.  And if you’d like to have a good laugh at a few other cartoons like these, check out our previous post Social Media Cartoons – A Humorous Look at the Digital Age.


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5 MORE Things Sage Partners Should Do on Twitter

We got a pretty good response to a post on the Juice Marketing blog last month called 5 Things Sage Partners Should Do On Twitter Right Now.  Those 5 tips were targeted at Twitter “newbies” that haven’t really spent much time using the popular social media platform.  So in this post, we’re following up with 5 MORE tips for Sage Partners that have kicked the tires a bit, spent some time on Twitter, and looking to squeeze a bit more out of it.

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SEO is Harder Because Google is Smarter

In the beginning, there was keyword density, metadata, and other SEO tactics that were fairly easy to figure out and enabled you to dominate top search results.  Sure, Google would continually tweak their algorithm and keep you on your feet. But achieving decent search results for your website was still heavily influenced by on-page tactics.

Then along came social media and, more recently, the Google Panda (aka “Farmer”) update.  Almost overnight, SEO got a lot harder as Google got a lot smarter.

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What Every Sage and Microsoft Reseller NEEDS to Consider This Year

It seems each new year brings a flurry of predictions about new marketing techniques that are gonna be the greatest thing since … well, you know.  However what works for one reseller may not work for the next because some tactics are practical and others aren’t.  So here’s our “short list” of emerging marketing trends every Sage and Microsoft reseller NEEDS to consider this year (or else!).

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