Say Hello to SocialBro – A Twitter Management App

LogoWhether you are new to Twitter or are a Tweet Vet, managing the “million-miles-a-second” social media platform can be a bit daunting at times. Combine Twitter’s fast-paced nature and limited user-interface with the myriad of “freemium” services out  there and its no wonder that people give up on the micro-blogging site.

Enter SocialBro … a comprehensive Twitter marketing and management suite that is currently available for download as a desktop app or as a Chrome browser extension.

After using SocialBro for the past few months, the analytics alone are worth the download. Or if you’re juggling multiple social media tools to manage hashtag trends, new follows, customer lists, tweet times, etc., then it might be worth taking a few minutes to sign up for a free account and check it out.

Among other things, Socialbro provides:

  • Twitter Analytics and stats
  • Twitter insights and loads of reports
  • Best time to tweet
  • Who followed and unfollowed you
  • Advanced search
  • More …

If it sounds fun and interesting (which it is!), head over to their website and try it for yourself:

Socialbro Website >>>

5 MORE Things Sage Partners Should Do on Twitter

We got a pretty good response to a post on the Juice Marketing blog last month called 5 Things Sage Partners Should Do On Twitter Right Now.  Those 5 tips were targeted at Twitter “newbies” that haven’t really spent much time using the popular social media platform.  So in this post, we’re following up with 5 MORE tips for Sage Partners that have kicked the tires a bit, spent some time on Twitter, and looking to squeeze a bit more out of it.

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5 Things Sage Partners Should Do on Twitter Right Now

A few months ago, Greg Tirico (Social Media Manager at Sage) posted an invitation on LinkedIn for Sage partners to share their Twitter handle in order to connect ahead of Sage Summit 2012.  To date, there have been 125 replies.

What’s surprising, though, is how many Sage partners have set up a Twitter account and that’s about as far as they got.

So here are 5 things Sage Partners need to do on Twitter right now.

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Why is Social Media Important to SEO?

social-media-seoAs you’ve probably heard, SEO has changed … and most VARs simply haven’t been keeping up.

If you still think that SEO – and achieving better search results – means stuffing your website with keywords and tagging it with metadata, then let me introduce you to 2012 and something called social media.

Social media is now an integral part of today’s SEO mix.  It’s really difficult to rank well in search without incorporating a social component.

Here’s why …

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What Every Sage and Microsoft Reseller NEEDS to Consider This Year

It seems each new year brings a flurry of predictions about new marketing techniques that are gonna be the greatest thing since … well, you know.  However what works for one reseller may not work for the next because some tactics are practical and others aren’t.  So here’s our “short list” of emerging marketing trends every Sage and Microsoft reseller NEEDS to consider this year (or else!).

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