5 Online Marketing Tools Every Tech VAR Should Be Using

Internet-Marketing-ToolsEvery time we do a kick off call with a new 3Cs Program client, I’m surprised to discover that so few VARs are using some of the most important and widely-used marketing tools that are freely available on the web.

Successfully marketing your ERP software and technology solutions requires more than guesswork and shot-in-the-dark tactics.  You need tools and data that gauge the impact of your efforts and provide insight to make adjustments when needed.

In this article, we’ll take a peek at some of those tools … not surprisingly, many of them are provided free from Google.  After all, Google is still the king of search and search visibility is good for business.

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SEO in Plain English – 3 Minute Video Breakdown

Most of the technology partners we work with have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and understand the benefit of showing up on the first page of Google for important keywords like ‘Sage ERP’ or ‘Microsoft Dynamics’. Unfortunately, too many VARs think that SEO is a combination of luck, rocket science, and dash of Black Magic.

Well, you need not wonder about the “magic” of SEO any longer.  This short video – a collaboration of Search Engine Land and Common Craft – breaks down several of the most important elements of SEO in a way that’s straight forward, easy to understand, and … well, described in Plain English.

Watch and enjoy!

Oh and if SEO still seems like rocket science, then maybe it’s time to check out our GoogleJuice Website Audit.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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Sage Summit 2011 – Put Some JUICE in Your Experience

The momentum is really building as we get closer to opening day at Sage Summit 2011.  And even though I’ve been personally involved in the annual Sage channel partner conference dating back to 2000 with “Visions” in Palm Springs (a Sage Employee at the time), this year’s conference should be interesting as we see (for the first time) Sage VARs and Customers together at the same event.


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Hey VARs, It’s Time to Get Naked

VAR Marketing Tip - Naked Landing Pages

VAR Marketing Tip – Naked Landing Pages

By now, most of you recognize that landing pages play an important role in your VAR marketing effort.  While there are plenty of “Do’s”, “Don’ts”, and best practices for landing page performance that make good sense, here’s one thing I learned recently while attending a Hubspot webcast that’s not so obvious … the best performing landing pages are naked.

Keep it Simple

A naked landing page is simply stripped of (pun intended) menu navigation and extraneous information that doesn’t serve the primary goal of the page (download white paper, register for webcast, etc.).

While it’s tempting to show off all your great products, services, and other offerings, that stuff will probably just distract your visitors from (what should be) the primary purpose or goal of the landing page … get them to provide contact/lead information in exchange for your great offer.  Once they submit contact info or take action on your landing page, THEN you can redirect them to your home page, blog, product overview, or anywhere else on your website.

So c’mon VARs … delete the navigation menu, focus on the call to action, and let’s get naked!