Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Google Analytics

Teaching Google AnalyticsIf there’s one thing we’ve learned from all of the website redesign projects we’ve done, it’s that most companies have Google Analytics running on their website – but very few take time to actually look at the data and figure out what it means.

Google Analytics provides a wealth of insight that can help you determine how much traffic your website generates, how people find your site, what pages they visit, and loads of other information about what’s working and what’s not.

But here’s what I think is the challenge for most people … there’s so much data available, it’s overwhelming. Most casual marketers (i.e. business owners that sometimes throw on their marketing hat) don’t know where to start or even how to interpret the data.

So we put together this beginner’s guide to Google Analytics to help you get a basic understanding of the reports, how to interpret the data, and start making informed decisions about your website and online marketing strategy.

And by the way, if you you’re using WordPress, here are step-by-step instructions for adding the Google Analytics tracking code to your website.

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Where to Find Free Stock Images for Your Blog or Website

Free Iimages Online

Note: One of our most popular blog posts over the last couple of years, we recently updated this article with a couple of new and fantastic image resources we’ve discovered since the original post back in 2013. Enjoy!

Whether you sell products, services, or ERP systems – effective marketing relies on visual appeal. It’s no surprise that blogs and websites using eye-catching images attract more visitors and potential customers.

But finding high-quality images without having to break out your credit card can be a challenge. So here are a few tools for finding free stock images on the web.

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How To Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress

Embed YouTube Video in WordPress

With just about every WordPress project we start, the client asks whether they’ll have the ability to embed YouTube videos on their new website. Small business marketers are fascinated with video – and for good reason. It’s a great way to diversify the content on your website and deliver a visual effect you just can’t achieve with written words.

So here are a couple of easy ways to embed YouTube a video in WordPress on any page or blog post.

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