Customer Buzz

Like a Success Story … But Shorter

Shorter than a full-length success story, Customer Buzz is a 1-page summary (like Cliff Notes) of the top-level stuff. The challenge you solved, the solution you provided, and the results achieved.

It’s a bite-sized marketing tool with a king-sized impact!

How Does Customer Buzz Work?

A Customer Buzz clearly demonstrates your implementation expertise and showcases your proven track record of ERP, CRM, and HRMS project success.

Once you choose a customer you want to feature, here’s how the process works:

1We Interview Your Implementation Staff for Background Info
2We Interview Your Customer
3We Write The Story and Create the “Buzz”

Customer Buzz is available in 3 Design Options. Just choose the one you like best, we customize it with your logo and colors, and you get a great-looking PDF to post on your website, email to your prospects, and/or print copies for your corporate kit.

Start Some Buzz Today!

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1 Customer Buzzing $595
“A Swarm” (Customer 3-Pack) … $1,595

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