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"We've used Juice Marketing for a variety of things including direct mail, newsletters, and success stories. Without Juice in our corner, we'd have to hire, at considerably more cost, full-time marketing people that may not be as accomplished as Mark Badran and his staff."

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Nurture Marketing


You’re not selling gumballs … you’re selling big ticket technology solutions that come with a long evaluation process.  6, 12, 18 months, and more … lead nurturing is where patience becomes a virtue.  After all, what good is dragging a bunch of leads to your front door (with Lead Generation) if you don’t plan to invite them in and stay a while (with Lead Nurturing)?


You Can’t Sell if They’re Not Ready to Buy

Prospects are rarely ready to buy when you’re ready to sell. That’s why you need to stick close and stay “top of mind” so when your prospects make the transition from education to evaluation, you’re right there, easy to find, and ready to help. And that’s where lead nurturing with Juice Marketing comes in.


Nurture Those Leads with Juice

We help you squeeze the most out of those leads in your database with professional marketing communication like eye-catching postcards, email newsletters, fantastic success stories, and creative marketing techniques that will keep those leads warm and help you stay top of mind until your prospects are ready to buy.


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Lead Nurturing 101

Confused about the difference between lead GENERATION and lead NURTURING?  Well you’re not alone so here’s a rule of thumb.


Lead Generation – The early stages of generating interest in your products with the objective of identifying “hand raisers” that may turn into prospects.


Lead Nurturing – the practice of maintaining ongoing contact and staying “top of mind” with prospects identified as “not yet ready to buy.”