Sage Newsletter Articles: Content Use Policy

To our Sage partners and newsletter subscribers:

As part of your Sage Newsletter subscription benefit, we provide you with the content of the newsletter articles in a Word document (in addition to the PDF and HTML files that are included). As such, you’re free to post the articles on any blog or website that YOU OWN under your company brand.

3rd Party Restriction

However, these articles cannot be resold or transferred to any other party, posted on a third party website/blog, posted on an article syndication service/website, or provided as content for a guest post on a third party website.

Copyright Notice to Accompany Web/Blog Posting

In addition if you do post these articles on your website or blog (optional), each of them must be accompanied by the following copyright notice:

©2018 Juice Marketing, LLC. All rights reserved. This article content may not be reproduced (in whole or in part), displayed, modified or distributed without express permission from the copyright holder.

We’ve updated our content policy to protect the value of your newsletter subscription and to help minimize unauthorized use and/or copyright infringement.

We appreciate your business and look forward to the opportunity to continue providing high quality content that allows you to keep in touch with your Sage customers and prospects.

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